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Dot Sugar, the one-stop for exotic desserts! A dessert shop famous for its modern way of making desserts is expanding itself around the world and Oregon Portland is becoming part of the DotSugar Family. Upon trying the different desserts from Dot Sugar in Jordan, we had the perfect idea of introducing this marvelous modern dessert to the United States. Dot Sugar pdx has become part of the expansion project of Dot Sugar Jordan. The most fascinating thing about Dot Sugar is not only their delicious range of desserts but also that the customers can enjoy the live view of their desserts being made and freshly served to them right away. We would like to bring this exciting experience to Oregon, Portland, and are quite positive that we will receive a great response from people. Read more…

Dot Sugar

14985 SW Barrows Rd #127 Beaverton , Oregon 97007
Beaverton, OR 97007
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(503) 747-6323

Dot Sugar at Progress Ridge TownSquare